I had free time.(I swear I’ll get a real one soon)
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To the other anon--are you reading your Bible consistently? Something my youth pastor told me is it's hard to hear what God is saying now if you aren't reading what he's already said. You're in my prayers!

I read my bible every morning and have time with God throughout the day. Thank you so much!! :)


The more I pray the more I realize how much God’s will becomes my will. The more I delight myself in Him, the more delighted I am. The more I surrender myself, the more I feel like myself. The more I adore the Love of my life, the more I realize who I am.

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I'm having a really hard time. I moved to a new school almost 2 years ago and I still don't have any friends. and recently I relapsed into my eating disorder and I just have no one here for me anymore and no one I can talk to. and I'm trying to become more involved with my religion(Christianity). I'm trying to pray and ask God for guidance instead of relying on just myself but I'm not getting anything.

Lately I have felt the same way. I have felt that God is in the distance somewhere, not listening. But then I reminded myself that God is with me wherever I go and he promises to uphold me. I will praying that The Lord will give you a spirit of joy in this new season in your life. You are beautiful in God’s eyes. You are his masterpiece. You can talk to me whenever you want!

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Can I vent to you?

Of course.

"Ask the Holy Spirit to let you see what He sees and to feel what He feels when He looks at you. This will change your life over time."
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